Dr. K. L. Metlov (dr_klm) wrote,
Dr. K. L. Metlov

Иверсон в анекдотах: Иверсон и NSA

(читаю сейчас компиляцию от Роджера)

I recall another story about Ken, witnessed firsthand, when he came to the National Security Agency, around 1970, to give a lecture on APL to an audience of several hundred people.
He was introduced by someone who gave quite a complete description of Ken’s work and personal history. Then Ken got up to speak. He started by saying that normally when he gives a lecture the host approaches him a few minutes before the start of the lecture and furtively scribbles a few notes about where he went to school, etc. Ken said he was quite surprised that no such discussion occurred this time, until he realized where he was! The audience had a great laugh.

— Bob Smith

At the AMS meetings in Washington DC in the late 1990’s, Ken wandered over to the NSA booth.
Ken: I don’t suppose there’s any point in asking you any questions, since you can’t answer anyway.
NSA guy: Sure I can. But then I’ll have to kill you.

— Roger Hui

update (25.10.2005) Кстати, о мудрости... Можно немало почерпнуть сырой ее ;-), прочитав флейм "Линукс устарел" от 1992 между Таненбаумом и Торвальдсом, если, конечно, Вы в курсе этих компьютерных дел.... :-)
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