Dr. K. L. Metlov (dr_klm) wrote,
Dr. K. L. Metlov

James Thurber

из книги "Fables of Our Time", 1940

"The Birds and the Foxes"

Once upon a time there was a bird sanctuary in which hundreds of Baltimore orioles lived together happily. The refuge consisted of a forest entirely surrounded by a high wire fence. When it was put up, a pack of foxes who lived nearby protested that it was an arbitrary and unnatural boundary. However, they did nothing about it at the time because they were interested in civilizing the geese and ducks on the neighboring farms. When all the geese and ducks had been civilized, and there was nothing left to eat, the foxes once more turned their attention to the bird sanctuary. Their leader announced that there had once been foxes in the sanctuary but that they had been driven out. He proclaimed that Baltimore orioles belonged in Baltimore. He said, furthermore, that the orioles in the sanctuary were a continuous menace to the peace in the world. The other animals cautioned the foxes not to disturb the birds in their sanctuary.
So the foxes attacked the sanctuary one night and tore down the fence that surrounded it. The orioles rushed out and were instantly killed and eaten by the foxes.
The next day the leader of the foxes, a fox from whom God was receiving daily guidance, got upon the rostrum and addressed the other foxes. His message was simple and sublime. 'You see before you," he said, "another Lincoln. We have liberated all those birds!'
Moral: Government of the orioles, by the foxes, and for the foxes, must perish from the earth.

  • персики созрели

    Не могу больше. ;-)

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3 10IGL5 4/64Gb

    Приобрёл себе (точнее, в основном супруге, потому что мне он нужен только в поездках) такой вот планшет-трансформер на замену своему старенькому Asus…

  • о блокчейн технологии

    Сначала была песня. Потому что "из песни слова не выкинешь". ;-) Или, другими словами: блокчейн -- поэзия компьютерной эпохи. ;-))

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